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The CWIRE "No Trash!" Policy

CWIRE is committed to keeping itself free from "trashy" material, and serving the community by providing wholesome event information and newsletter content
  Join the 'Trash Patrol' effort!Community Wire Service's "No Trash" policy means zero-tolerance for rude or inappropriate material. We also believe in promoting and protecting freedom of speech, and encouraging participation by all members of the community. These two policies are captured by the concept of "Responsible Free Speech."

CWIRE screens and monitors CWIRE.COM and the websites to which CWIRE.COM links, ensuring that CWIRE's content is always "family friendly" and free from "trashy" material.

The CWIRE "No Trash" Policy is based on these Guiding Principles:

The "No-Trash!" theme serves these CWIRE objectives:

  • accurate & appropriate web content
  • no obsolete webpages
  • no "broken HTML links"
  • family-oriented and kid-friendly content
  • piggy-back on other community events
  • create topics for class/family discussion
  • events which bring people together
  • create new income opportunities
  • foster adult-child interaction
  • service to the whole community
  • create policies for censorship
  • create new income opportunities

If these principles sound good to you, we invite you to help us publicize CWIRE in the community, or donate $5 to CWIRE through PayPal.

June 16, 2002

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