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HTML (short for hyper-text markup language) is the basic language of the World Wide Web, and is your ticket to creating quick and easy webpages that can be viewed by anyone with a web browser.

HTML may sound mysterious, but it's very easy to learn! If you know how to use a standard word-processor on Mac or Windows, then you'll be able to master HTML in a matter of days (or hours). And then you'll be able to use one of many services which offer free (or nearly-free) webpage storage ("web hosting") to post your own webpages onto the WWW (World Wide Web). If you are using someone else's computer to read this and you are ready for your own Internet-access account, simply contact your local Internet Service Provider.

HTML Tutorials and Reference Sites

Here are some sites that will help you to learn basic HTML (see also FYI: Web-Building for Beginners):

HTML Editing Software


Aside from the major graphics programs out there, here are some helpful graphics tools to help you get started:

  • GIF Animator (Coffee Cup Software)
    Shareware. Download CoffeeCup GIF Animator - Click Here
  • 1 Cool Button Tool (
    Create fancy 3-D buttons and "animated" navigation bars that light-up, play sounds, or change as you click them, roll the mouse over them, or leave them. This is a very powerful tool -- just what CWIRE needs! ($30 shareware)
  • Button Factory (Coffee Cup Software)
    Shareware. Download CoffeeCup Button Factory - Click Here
  • Just Buttons (Lincoln Beach Software)
    A simple but handy tool for creating buttons and navigation bars. Simple, cheap, and fast!
  • Image Maps (Coffee Cup Software)
    Shareware. Download CoffeeCup Image Mapper - Click Here

Advanced Topics

Here are some more links for you to explore. You might be able to help CWIRE quite a lot just by browsing these sites and applying what you learn. We appreciate your feedback (and your creative input)...

Reference Pages

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