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Welcome! Please add a comment to the CWIRE blog to let us know where you're from, say "Hello" to other CWIRE readers, or post a message/notice. Sorry, but the spam was just too much to handle, so we removed the guestbook.

Notice: CWIRE is looking for journalists and bloggers in the Los Angeles area and San Francisco Bay Area who want to help charities and want a source of good content for their publication/ blog. If you are outside of those areas but want to help charities in California, let us know! Sign up as a WWWolunteer.

We are also looking for nonprofits who want assistance raising awareness and/or raising funds (tools, interns, trained volunteers, advisors, or ?). Contact Robert Marston, CWIRE Editor.

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This information is posted on the WWW by Community Wire Service (CWIRE.COM) as a free service to the community. CWIRE is supported by volunteer labor and fees for advertising/promotion paid by local merchants and charities. CWIRE is a community-operated information network for the San Gabriel Valley and San Fernando Valley communities, and nearby parts of Los Angeles County.

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CWIRE supports local charities by 1) helping them to create and promote
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