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Robert Marston, CWIRE Director/Editor, full-time husband and dad, former Glendale, CA resident and Kiwanis Past-President, part-time web developer


Robert Marston
Linkedin Profile

Robert Marston founded Community Wire Service (CWIRE) in 1994, and volunteered as Director/Editor of CWIRE until May of 2001. Robert still takes care of CWIRE as best he can while working full-time for a financial services company and developing renewable energy projects.

A native of Glendale, CA, Robert and family now live in Ventura County.

Robert enjoys meeting people, and activities such as Bible study, YMCA Adventure Guides, gardening, exercise, home improvement, and lately... investigating Renewable Energy technologies (wind power, solar PV, solar thermal, biomass) and their applications to agriculture, industry, enivironmental protection, and economic development worldwide.

Eilene & Robert Marston
[Eilene & Robert Marston]

Current projects include installing small wind turbines locally for residential and commercial use, and developing artificial coral reefs.

Would you like to help with CWIRE? Please join the Wolunteers, or contact robt.marston at gmail(dot)com.

Mr. Robert  Marston


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